Cooling Duvets | Dacron Aerelle Cool Night:

All Seasons 3 In 1 Duvets | Anti Allergenic | Cooling Temperature Control | Emperor Sizes | Synthetic


The latest technology offers fibres infused with minerals which act as semi-conductors to regulate temperature all night long. Encased in a 383 Count Cotton normally reserved for the highest quality Pure Down duvets.


Key Details:

  • Cooling Duvets available in a wide range of Togs
  • 8 Hours of cool sleep
  • Body heat dissipated while you sleep
  • Mineral embedded fibres
  • Unique ‘Wave ‘ crimp
  • 100% Finest  Cotton Casing 383 Threads Per Square Inch
  • Machine Wash, Tumble Dry
  • Guaranteed 7 Years
  • Also available in Non-Standard and Bespoke sizes


Cooling Duvets – Aerelle Cool Night Duvets provide a comfortable temperature controlled sleep.

You choose the Tog, this cooling duvet does the rest!

Have you ever gone to sleep at the perfect snug temperature only to wake up hot and uncomfortable? If the answer is yes, then this duvet may be the perfect solution!

Aerelle Cool Night Duvets are a revolution in achieving a comfortable temperature controlled sleep.

You choose the Tog Rating which is correct for you and the Aerelle Cool Night Duvet works while you sleep to maintain that optimum level of warmth.

Aerelle Cool Night Duvets are filled with a high-tech cooling fibre embedded with minerals which act as semi-conductors. This means that accumulated body heat is dissipated away from your body.

The refreshing effect of Aerelle Cool Night lasts for up to 8 hours for a fresh and restful sleep throughout the night.

Not only that – the unique structure of the fibre with a wave form crimp results in a delightfully soft and fluffy duvet.



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