80% Goose Down Duvets *Half Price*

All Seasons 3 In 1 Duvets | Best Seller | Emperor Sizes | Sale
All Seasons 3 In 1 Duvets | Best Seller | Emperor Sizes | Sale


Best Seller – 50% Off While Stocks Last.


All Seasons 3 In 1 Duvets | Best Seller | Emperor Sizes | Sale

Best Seller – 50% Off While Stocks Last.

Key Details:

  • 80% White Goose Down, 20% Feather Filling.
  • 100% Cotton 280 Thread Count Casing.
  • Cassette Box Construction with Internal Baffle Walls.
  • Fill Power 560.
  • Manufactured in Italy.
  • Oekotex, Nomite and Daunafresh Certified.
  • Next day DPD Predict UK Mainland delivery if ordered by 3pm.
  • Guaranteed 3 Years.
  • Machine Washable, Tumble Dry.


80% Goose Down Duvets *Half Price*

Working with a family run Italian duvet manufacturer we have a wonderful offer on White Goose Down duvets and pillows.

These incredible duvets are a combination of goose down (80%) and goose feather (20%).


Manufactured in Italy by a family firm using traditional high quality fabrics and materials. Importing directly and using our low cost structure we are able to offer beautiful goose duvets at terrific prices.

The duvets are intricately filled and stitched. The casing is a soft 280 thread count, 100% cotton weave which is wonderful to touch.

No corners have been cut – perfect cassette boxes with internal walls and an extra strong piping around the edges to provide the perfect casing.

The fill power is 560 – a tremendous quality at this price level with the added bonus of the filling being genuine Hungarian down and feather.

Natural Filling Benefits

Down clusters, which come from the underside of the goose, are larger than other types of down – making them a brilliant, luxury option for a duvet filling. They are largely considered to be the finest in down clusters.

Goose feathers come from the outer layer of geese. Purpose-built for enabling geese to fly, they also serve to keep the birds warm and dry. The larger size and the quill that runs through the centre of the goose feather makes them heavier than down and structurally solid.

It is for these reasons that goose feather makes a great accompaniment to down in a combined filling.

No Mite Certification

Our supplier is fully certified and enjoys the privilege to label the products with the prestigious NoMite label – your assurance that it will not cause any problems in terms of dust mite or allergies.

Guarantee for peace of mind

Guaranteed for up to 3 years – as with all products bought from The Duvet Store you can buy with confidence. We will never leave a customer unsatisfied!

Wash Instructions

This product is available in a range of sizes (please see options above) and it can be washed at 30 degrees.


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