Snow White Towels:


Sourced exclusively for the Duvet Store in Portugal, these beautiful towels are as good as it gets. Giza 86 is the perfect quality to make the perfect towels…


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Key Details:

  • Long Staple Egyptian Cotton (Spec Giza 86).
  • Available in two colours – Snow White and Pewter Grey
  • Perfect 700 Grm2 offers genuine luxury without excessive weight.
  • Highly absorbant.
  • Manufactured in Portugal.
  • 5 Year Guarantee.
  • Machine wash to 40 degrees – Tumble Dry.


Sourced exclusively for the Duvet Store in Portugal, these beautiful towels are as good as it gets. Our direct sourcing ensures you benefit from superb value for money – our policy is never to try to simply achieve attractive price points.

We develop the best possible quality products using the finest materials safe in the knowledge our low cost structure means we genuinely offer more for less…

Many of our customers are hooked on our 520 Count Egyptian Cotton bedlinen – this towel was a long time in development and is every bit as good in our opinion!

The cotton is not only Egyptian – it is Giza 86 Cotton. The longest, finest cotton filament grown in the Delta. This ensures both a remarkably soft touch, superior absorbency and superb lifetime of the product.

The raw cotton is expertly spun to ensure the perfect thickness of yarn (there are actually three different yarn thicknesses used in each towel to ensure the perfect balance between the base of the towel and the pile). The pile is deep and generous without being excessive – just right!

Modern warping machines and new generation looms ensure the weaving process is perfect.

Finally, a pristine clean white colour is achieved through the dyeing process prior to the final stage of hand stitching.

Weighing 700 grammes per square metre (in our opinion anything higher can be too heavy when wet), the supreme absorbancy is immediately noticable.

A most attractive subtle border has been selected to add a touch of class to any bathroom.

These towels make for a perfect gift in our opinion – the quality is evident from the first look and touch and surpasses anything available in the High Street.

Guaranteed for Five Years and available in four sizes.

Two colours to choose from – the purest of whites or stunning pewter.

Washable to 40 degrees, tumble dry even for short time to restore optimal fluffiness!