Dacron Aerelle Cool Nights Pillow:

Anti Allergenic | Cooling Temperature Control


The filling in this pillow dissipates heat. Cutting edge technology, this medium support pillow has a pleasant cool feel to it.


Key Details:

  • Cooling Pillows providing up to 8 Hours of cool sleep
  • Heat is dissipated while you sleep
  • Mineral embedded fibres
  • Unique ‘Wave ‘ crimp
  • 100% Cotton Casing. 300 Thread Count
  • Machine Wash, Tumble Dry
  • Guaranteed 7 Years


Aerelle Cool Night Pillows – providing comfortable temperature controlled support while you sleep.

Do you spend the night constantly turning your pillow over to find that elusive ‘cool spot’? If the answer is yes, then this pillow may be the perfect solution!

Aerelle Cool Night Pillows are filled with a high-tech cooling fibre embedded with minerals which act as semi-conductors. This means that any build up of heat is dissipated away, providing a constantly cool temperature while you sleep.

The refreshing effect of Aerelle Cool Night lasts for up to 8 hours for a fresh and restful sleep throughout the night.

Not only that – the unique structure of the fibre with a wave form crimp results in a comfortably supportive pillow with great recovery properties.


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