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Coolmax actively wicks fibre away from you keeping the body cooler throughout the night. We are happy to send samples – beautifully soft to touch!


Key Details:

  • 100% Coolmax fabric with 35cm depth.
  • Peach skin finish makes fabric lovely and smooth to touch.
  • Coolmax is designed to wick moisture and ensure it evaporates quickly.
  • Coolmax fibres are popular in sportswear.
  • Helps counter effects of night sweats and hot flushes.
  • Bespoke sizes available.
  • Non- allergenic.
  • Easy care – machine wash to 40 degrees and tumble dry.


Cooling Bed Linen – Coolmax Duvet Covers,  Sheets and Pillowcases.

Soft and easily washable, this cooling bed linen comprises Coolmax Duvet Covers and Sheets with their clever fibre technology which helps keep you dry and comfortable all night.

Our luxurious Coolmax Bed Linen is manufactured from 100% pure Coolmax fibres for optimum effect. These high-tech fibres form a unique moisture management system, actively helping counter the effects of overheating and helping you to a better night’s sleep.

Coolmax effect

· Coolmax helps alleviate problems caused by overheating at night – from issues such as excessive heat from memory foam mattresses to night sweats and medical conditions. The multi-channel Coolmax cross-section fibres allow moisture to move rapidly and so dry faster, unlike cotton covers which retain moisture in comparison.

· Made from 100% pure Coolmax fibre, many other products on the market use cheaper blends of typically 67% cotton with 33% Coolmax, and so will be less effective.

· Coolmax was originally developed as a performance fabric to help athletes keep cool and is used by top sportsmen and women, including the European Ryder Cup team. Now its moisture management benefits are also used in bedding such as our Coolmax Duvet Cover to help many get a cooler and more comfortable sleep.

Great feel and easy-care high performance Cooling Bed Linen

· The white luxurious cooling bed linen is enhanced with what is described as a ‘peach-skin’ finish by the manufacturers on the side you have next to you. This does not mean the fabric has a ‘furry’ aspect, but that the touch and handle is extremely soft and gentle. If you want to know exactly what that feels like, we are happy to provide you with swatches of the material before you buy. Just give us a call to ask.

· The non-allergenic duvet cover has a high-quality zipped closure for easy use and because of the quality of its fibres it can be washed frequently.

To increase the Coolmax effect, you can also get a Coolmax duvet, mattress protector and pillows, links as follow:

Duvet cover and Sheet sizes

You can get Coolmax Duvet Covers and Sheets in a range of standard sizes for Single, Double, King and Super King beds. Our Size guide gives you details of all the standard size measurements or give us a call if you are not sure.

We can also supply non-standard sizes of duvet covers. Just let us know what you want and we will be happy to help.

Washing and care instructions

You can machine wash your Coolmax Bedding at 60⁰ degrees. It can be washed frequently because of the quality of its hard-wearing fibres.


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