Organic Linen Duvets:

Anti Allergenic | Cooling Temperature Control


Beautifully Manufactured in Austria, the absorbancy of linen is an essential factor in aiding comfortable sleep on the hottest of nights.


Key Details:

  • Linen can absorb more than a third of its weight without feeling damp.
  • Filled with blend of 70% Organic Linen and 30% Organic Cotton.
  • 100% Organic Cotton Fine Sateen Casing.
  • Manufactured in Austria.
  • Machine wash to 40 degrees, tumble dry.


Bio Linen quilts from one of Europe’s leading luxury duvet manufacturers – Hefel Textil of Austria – are simply perfect for deep natural sleep even at higher temperatures.

The filling consists of 70% linen and 30% organic cotton, both from controlled organic cultivation.

Linen, the ‘silk of the north’ can absorb more than a third of its weight in moisture without feeling damp, but dries out again very quickly. Hefel organic linen therefore feels freshest in summer nights. The 100% organic cotton fine satin fabric is also especially pleasant next to the skin.

Perfect summer weight duvets weighing only 215grm2.

Washable up to 40°C.



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