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Siberian White Goose Down Duvet *25% Off*

100% Down | Clearance | Emperor Sizes | Sale
100% Down | Clearance | Emperor Sizes | Sale


25% Off – While Stocks Last. Made in Scotland.


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100% Down | Clearance | Emperor Sizes | Sale

25% Off – While Stocks Last. Made in Scotland.

25% Off – While Stocks Last. Made in Scotland.

  • Manufactured in the UK
  • Minimum 800 Fill Power.
  • Warmth with less weight.
  • 100% Pure Cotton Casing – 460 Threads per Square Inch.
  • Cassette Box construction with internal baffle walls.
  • Nomite and Downafresh Certified.
  • 7 Year Guarantee.

Pure Siberian Goose Down Duvet

Enjoy the ultimate in duvet luxury. Incredibly light, beautifully soft and amazingly warm, this is everything you could wish for in a duvet.

Siberian goose down is world-famous for its remarkable properties – incredible loft, softness, and insulation – and the down selected for our Pure Siberian Goose Down Duvet is of the very finest standard. This exceptional filling, combined with the finest pure cotton smooth casing, makes for a truly perfect duvet. We believe it is the very best in bedding.

High Quality Down

  • The secret of a truly great down duvet lies in the quality of filling – and this duvet has the best. Our supplier sources down fillings for some of the most demanding luxury hotels worldwide and the quality of this 100% pure Siberian down exceeds anything they have worked with in over 20 years.
  • Only the finest down is used for this duvet and the filling is certified 100% pure Siberian. It is also treated within Europe under strict EU guidelines before it is used in the final manufacturing process.
  • This duvet has an incredible fill power of 800, which means it is super fluffy. You will certainly notice the difference as it will fluff up as if new time after time for you. And while it is exceptionally light, the duvet drapes around you providing perfect, luxurious warmth.
  • With such high-quality filling, not only does your duvet feel fantastic but it will stay feeling that way for many years.

Superb standard

  • Everything about the Pure Siberian Goose Down Duvet is manufactured to the highest standard, including the super smooth casing. This is made from specially sourced finest long fibre pure cotton with an exceptionally high 460 thread count.
  • As the duvet casing has individual cassette box pockets, the generous filling will also stay where it should do, keeping you warm all night long. Each pocket is separated with baffle walls rather than stitched through from top to bottom, so there are no thin, cold parts of the duvet.
  • Produced by a long-established Scottish specialised manufacturer to the highest standards, this luxurious duvet comes with an 7-year guarantee.

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Please allow your Pure Siberian Goose Down Duvet to air and rest for 24 hours after you unpack it. This allows the pure down filling to recover all its amazing lightness and fluffiness before you use it for the first time.

Your duvet can be machine washed at 30⁰ C and tumble dried at a low temperature, but please do not dry clean it. We would recommend using a professional launderette to ensure the correct washing and, crucially, drying of this lovely duvet.


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