Dacron Allerban Anti-Allergenic Pillow:

Anti Allergenic | Synthetic


As mentioned in product reviews, this pillow is a genuine medium support – the fibres do give proper support. Best after approximately one week in use. Dacron Allerban technology is world leading in countering bacteria and dust mite in your bedding.


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Key Details:

  • Dacron Fibre pillows are manufactured under licence to meet strict quality guidelines.
  • Each product individually numbered.
  • Allerban is added to fibres to inhibit growth of bacteria and dustmites.
  • Ideal for Allergy sufferers.
  • Comforel fibres are manufactured into soft ball shapes which replicate the feeling of Natural Down.
  • Firmness rating: Medium.
  • Fibres are relatively voluminous without excessive weight.
  • 100% Cotton 300 Thread Count Casing.
  • Manufactured in Scotland.
  • Machine wash, tumble dry.


Dacron Comforel Allerban Pillow

With its anti-allergenic and beautifully soft filling, the Dacron Comforel Allerban Pillow helps you sleep in comfort and free from allergy stress.

The Dacron Comforel Allerban Pillow has a high-quality Dacron fibre filling that is anti-allergy tested and manufactured to match the luxurious feeling of down. Lovely and soft, this is perhaps the best pillow in our collection.

Anti-allergy technology

· You can trust in the anti-allergenic technology of Dacron, world leaders in fibre technology. This pillow’s high-quality Dacron fibre filling includes Allerban®, which is an active ingredient that prevents the build-up of dust mites, fungi and bacteria.

· This filling has proven anti-allergenic properties and has been independently tested by IFTH in France (French Textile and Apparel Institute) and NAMSA laboratory in the USA and is recognised by the UK Allergy Foundation.

Soft and comfortable

· The fibres in the Dacron Comforel Allerban Pillow filling are ball-shaped. This gives the filling a beautifully soft feeling like down. It also means that there are no problems with filling clumping when the pillow is washed.

· This is a pillow that never stays flat. A medium-filled pillow, it has great recovery of fluffiness, rising up beautifully every time after compression and giving you long-lasting support.

· The pillow casing is made from a 100% smooth cotton casing with a high 300 thread count and smart piped edge.

If the Dacron Comforel Allerban Pillow suits you, take a look at the matching soft Dacron Comforel Allerban Duvet.

Washing instructions

The Dacron Comforel Allerban Pillows washes extremely well, due to the high-quality filling and casing. The ball-shaped fibres in the filling also mean that it does not clump up during washing, so it stays lovely and soft.

Your pillow is fully washable at 60⁰ C and can be tumble dried on a low heat, but please do not dry clean it.


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