Memory Foam Combo 2 Inch Topper:


This toppers combines the benefits of both memory foam and feather & down – without the risk of overheating often associated with foam. Only 2 inches deep it packs a punch and has often helps customers with back problems (of course there is no assurance this will be the case for all ailments )……..


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Key Details:

  • Dual Layer Topper – 2 Inch total depth.
  • Base layer 1 Inch high quality memory foam.
  • Upper layer 1 inch 30% European Duck 70% European Duck Feather (assists combat overheating potentially caused by memory foam).
  • Ideal for sore limbs and has proven beneficial to customers with back complaints.
  • 100% Cotton Casing (243 threads per Square Inch).
  • Made in Scotland.
  • 5 Year Guarantee.


Memory Foam Combo 2 inch Mattress Topper

The remarkable combination of memory foam and down/feather blend in this topper gives supreme comfort with great sleeping support.

This memory foam and European white duck feather and down dual layer combo topper is a terrific solution for those seeking both outstanding comfort and support.

Whether you are looking to revive an old mattress, address a posture problem, or try the benefits of memory foam for the first time, this topper would be our pick from the collection.

Winning combination

· The dual layer combination of this topper marries the benefits of a high quality one-inch memory foam layer underneath with the softest quality two-inch 30% high loft Pyrenean duck down and 70% small duck feather blend on top.

· The potential overheating which can be caused by memory foam is mitigated by the generous layer of down on top.

Quality filling

· The memory foam layer is manufactured by leading UK memory foam specialists Vita Foam. The Vasco 40 quality offers the perfect density for a topper, between 38 and 42 kg cu/m, and is superior to many comparable cheaper products. This quality memory foam ensures that the contact area is increased and weight bearing is spread more evenly.

· Generously filled duck feather and down filling is sourced from the Pyrenees and offers terrific loft and comfort. Fully prepared in accordance with EU regulations, you can be confident your topper will retain its properties for many years.

Finished to perfection

· The casing in a high 243 thread count cotton cambric finishes off this luxury product beautifully and keeps the filling perfectly in place.

· Carefully hand made in Scotland, this topper is guaranteed for 5 years and is covered by no quibbles returns refund policy.

To complement your Memory Foam Combo 2 Inch Mattress Topper, why not add a Cotton Quilted Topper Protector.

Topper sizes

The Memory Foam Combo 2 inch Mattress Topper is available in standard sizes for Single, Double, King and Super King beds.

Using and caring for your topper

Elastic straps in all four corners of the topper fix it securely on your mattress.

Mattress toppers should not be washed,  spot clean only. We recommend using a topper protector, which are fully machine washable.


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