Alternative Size Mattress Toppers:


Selection of 3 Inch Mattress Toppers in sizes outside of regular UK and Emperor sizes. Note – we are able to supply any size topper on demand.


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Key Details:

  • 3 Inch Mattress Toppers in Alternative Sizes.
  • Choose from 3 different fills.
  • Manufactured in Scotland to highest standards.


Selection of Luxurious Mattress Toppers By Size (Includes All Options Outside of Regular UK and Emperor Sizes).

Three Fillings are Available as follow:

Pure Duck Down Combination Mattress Topper.

Best seller, this topper comprises a supportive 2 inch 85% Feather base layer and Super Soft 1 Inch upper layer of 100% High Loft European Duck Down.

The result is a perfect feeling of comfort and support.

Hotel Luxury Mattress Topper.

3 Inch Blend of 30% High Loft European Duck Down and 70% Small Feather. Top class hotels opt for this combination to provide a cost effective yet high quality support.

Dacron Allerban 3 Inch Mattress Topper.

Anti-Allergenic Option , Dacron technology protects against Bacteria and Dust Mites. Comforel Fibres are manufactured into ball shapes which replicate the feeling of Down. Long Lasting.


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