Dacron Aerelle Blue – Environmentally Friendly Pillows:

Recycled Eco Friendly | Synthetic


Manufactured from Ocean Bound plastic – beautiful quality pillows from Dacron, world leading fibre processor


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Key Details:

  • Environmemtally Friendly Sleep
  • Stop Ocean Plastic
  • Non-Allergenic
  • Manufactured under licence to strict quality guidelines.
  • Each product given an individual Serial Number
  • EU Ecolabel
  • Soft and fluffy
  • Individually filled pockets with baffle wall box construction
  • 100% Cotton, 300 Thread Count Casing.
  • Manufactured in Scotland.
  • Guaranteed 7 Years.
  • Machine wash, tumble dry.


Brand new to the market, Dacron Aerelle Blue pillows are filled with a sustainable fibre developed in cooperation with PlasticBank.

The fibre is made from SocialPlastic® – a recycled ocean-bound plastic which helps solve one of the most urgent environmental problems of our time – Ocean & Beach Plastic. The goal is to prevent the flow of plastic waste into our oceans in regions that don’t have formal or efficient recycling systems.

A sophisticated and high-tech production process results in a soft, fluffy, long-lasting pillow which keep its shape remarkably well.

Produced only by licensed manufacturers each pillow will have a traceable uniquely numbered label. Aerelle Blue products have also qualified for the EU Ecolabel.

Hand filled in Scotland, the outer casing is a super soft 300 Thread Count cotton.

So not only will you be sleeping comfortably you will also be doing your bit to help the environment.

Machine Washable, Tumble Dry.



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