100% White Duck Down Duvets – 750 Fill Power – Sourced French Pyrenees:

100% Down | All Seasons 3 In 1 Duvets | Emperor Sizes


The Savvy purchase – market research leads to the conclusion this is the best value 100% Pure Down duvet going… exceptionally high quality filling and casing very reasonably priced!


Key Details:

  • Fill Power Minimum 750.
  • 100% Pure Duck Down – Excellent Cost/Quality.
  • Sourced from Pyrenees – washed and treated to high EU norms.
  • 100% Cotton 383 Thread Count Casing (Low Noise).
  • Cassette Box Square Construction with Internal Baffle Walls.
  • Manufactured in UK.
  • Guaranteed 10 Years.
  • Machine Washable, Tumble Dry.


Warm and light

Light and beautifully warm, this high quality duvet has a lovely lofty pure down filling – giving you superb lightweight cosiness.

The quality of the down filling in our European Duck Down Duvet is exceptional. Sourced from one of the finest mountain environments in Europe, the Pyrenees, this is pure duck down with absolutely no feather content – so you can be sure of a perfect, soft landing.

· This duvet’s high-quality 100% duck down filling means it is amazingly warm, but not heavy. It has large, soft clusters of down and a remarkably high 750 Fill power measure – which essentially tells you this is an impressively fluffy filling, with good insulation power. So you know it will keep you lovely and cosy without weighing you down.

· As the duvet casing has individual cassette box pockets, the generous filling will also stay where it should do, keeping you warm all night long. And because each pocket is separated with baffle walls rather than stitched through from top to bottom, you do not get thin parts of the duvet and unwelcome cold spots.

Superb quality at a great price

· Duck down often gets overlooked in favour of the well-known Hungarian and Siberian goose down filling options. However, a great quality duck down duvet like this can give you close to the quality of top-of-the-range Siberian goose down duvets – and at a considerably lower price.

· The duvet casing is made out of smooth down-proof 100% Cotton Cambric with a 383 thread count and Sateen piped edge. Not only does it look and feel good, it is also certified anti-allergenic as dust mites cannot penetrate the casing.

· Manufactured in Scotland to the highest standards, this beautiful duvet comes with a full 10-year guarantee. Also, as with all products bought from us, you are covered by our no quibble returns policy.

Duvet sizes

The 100% European Duck Down Duvet is available in Single, Double, King, Super King or Emperor sizes. If you are not sure which is the right size for your bed, our Size guide has a full list of measurements, or give us a call.

We can also supply you with non-standard sizes of duvet. Phone or email us with your requirements and we will be happy to help.

Full range of tog ratings

We think you should have a real choice of tog rating, so we offer an exceptional 13 different tog options as standard – everything from 2.5 up to over 15 togs.

These include season combination duvets, which are made of two duvets, one lighter and one heavier. You can use these separately or together as needed.

We also offer bespoke tog options. So if your perfect tog rating is not available as a standard option, just let us know.

We appreciate your preferred tog rating will be down to your individual sleeping preferences. Please feel free to give us a call to talk through what you want. We can discuss the tog options with you and advise on what might suit you or look at bespoke choices.

Washing and care instructions

When you get your duvet, please allow it to air and rest in a nice warm place for up to 24 hours. This will allow the pure filling to recover all its lovely loft before you snuggle down into it for the first time.

Your duvet can be machine washed at 30⁰ C and tumble dried.


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