Dacron Climarelle Cool TM Piped Pillow:

Cooling Temperature Control | Synthetic


Long standing favourite pillow – using cutting edge technology to reduce temperature fluctuations.


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Key Details:

  • Climarelle actively absorbs and releases heat reducing body temperature fluctuations.
  • Superlle Tencel fibre filling (tencel is derived from the Eucalyptus Tree offering softness and absorbency.
  • 300 Thread Count 100% Cotton Casing.
  • Manufactured in the UK.
  • Products are indivdually numbered and traceable.
  • Firmness rating : Soft to Medium.
  • Machine washable to 30 degrees, tumble dry.


Dacron Climarelle Cool Piped Pillow

Benefitting from remarkable Climarelle technology, the comfortable Dacron Climarelle Cool Piped Pillow can help you get a cooler night’s sleep.

The Dacron Climarelle Cool Piped Pillow has a special Climarelle layer that works hard to regulate your sleep temperature and a high-quality, absorbent fibre filling to control the moisture. So it is a fantastic choice if you are suffering from overheating at night-time.

Temperature control system

· This pillow includes a Climarelle membrane under the surface fabric of one side of the pillow. This membrane uses revolutionary microencapsulated fibres that draw heat away from the body when your temperature rises, gently cooling you down. This extra heat is then stored in the fibres and if your body temperature drops below regular levels, they release this stored heat to bring the temperature back to balance.

· This Climarelle technology is the result of development by Dupont SA, one of the world’s leading companies in fibre technology, and was inspired by NASA technology.

· The pillow’s high-quality Dacron Suprelle Tencel fibre filling adds to its effective cooling capacity. This microfibre filling is derived from wood from the Eucalyptus Tree, which is ultra-absorbent and beautifully soft.

Quality manufacture

· Dacron is the leading quality fibre manufacturer in the world. Their fibres can only be manufactured under licence and meet strict quality standards. Each pillow has a numbered brand label, so you know it meets Dacron’s strict quality standards.

· The pillow casing is made from a 100% cotton casing with a piped edge. It is generously filled with the luxurious non-allergenic fibres, resulting in a plump and comfortable pillow.

The Dacron Climarelle Cool Piped Pillow can be used as part of the complete Climarelle system, with the Climarelle Duvet and Mattress Protector, for maximum benefit.

Pillow sizes

We offer Dacron Climarelle Cool Piped Pillows in two standard sizes:

· 50x75cm

· 50x90cm

If you have any worries about pillow size fit with your pillow cases or how the Climarelle system works, give us a call and we will be happy to discuss it with you. Just give us a call 0800 121 4659.

Pillow care

Please sleep with the printed fabric side of the pillow towards you as this is the side that contains the special Climarelle membrane.

The high quality filling in a Dacron Climarelle Cool Piped Pillow washes very well. Your pillow is fully washable at 30⁰ C and you can tumble dry it at a low heat, but please do not dry clean it.


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