Dacron Climarelle One Inch Cooling Comforters:

Temperature Regulating


Dacron are the world’s leading fibre specialists – Climarelle and Suprelle combine to provide temperature regulation combined with a layer of comfort.


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Key Details:

  • Dacron Climarelle actively absorbs and releases heat keeping you more comfortable all night long.
  • Manufactured in Scotland under licence, each itme is individually numbered ensuring full traceability.
  • One inch deep to add a layer of comfort alongside temperature control.
  • Bespoke sizes available upon request.
  • Filled with Suprelle Tencel fibres – Tencel is derived from wood and adds abbsorbancy to the comforter.
  • Climarelle is a ‘cool to the touch’ membrane sewn under the surface fabric.
  • 100% Cotton Casing -243 threads per square inch.
  • Machine Washable Tumble Dry.


Dacron Climarelle Suprelle Mattress Comforter

The Climarelle Suprelle topper incorporates the very best technology to bring you relief from potential overheating in bed. <intro>

Enjoy a more balanced and comfortable night’s sleep with this revolutionary topper. Using a combination of two different fibre types and a thermo-regulating membrane, it combats problems such as possible overheating from memory foam mattresses and issues such as night sweats.

The one-inch-deep mattress topper combines the properties of three elements: a super fine blend of Dacron Suprelle and natural Tencel fibres and a NASA-inspired thermo-regulating Dacron Climarelle membrane sewn just below the upper surface.


· The mattress topper features a layer of revolutionary Climarelle micro-encapsulated fibres that actively helps regulate the temperature of your body while you sleep.

· NASA-inspired scientific research resulted in this amazing fibre technology that draws heat away from the body when your temperature rises, providing a gentle cooling effect. The excess heat is stored in the fibres and if your body temperature drops below regular levels it is released, bringing your body back to a comfortable sleeping temperature.

· Your body will remain at a more pleasant temperature through the night, reducing sweats, tossing and turning, and the disruption of having to add or remove bedding.

Beautifully breathable

· The topper filling uses a blend of Dacron Suprelle fibres and natural Tencel fibres to effectively regulate moisture, giving you a more enjoyable night’s sleep.

· Dacron Suprelle fibres are a unique microfibre blend which have both a high void hollow section and three-dimensional fold. The result is a highly breathable and quick-drying fibre of unbeatable comfort and softness.

· Tencel comes from a natural source, cellulose derived from wood, and the resulting fibre is extremely fine with a far greater absorption surface and enhanced comfort. In fact, tests conducted at the Hohenstein Institute in Germany showed moisture vapour take-up by Tencel fibre was 57% better than a standard polyester equivalent product.

Known quality

· Every bedding product filled with Dacron® branded fibres carries a numbered brand label. This exclusive number certifies that the product has been manufactured under licence and meets Dacron’s strict quality standards.

· Beautifully manufactured in Scotland by a licensed manufacturer of Dacron fibres, this topper has a high-quality 243 thread count 100% cotton casing.

If you would like a more generous sheet fit with your Dacron Climarelle Suprelle Memory Fibre Mattress Comforter, take a look at our extra deep fit Egyptian cotton sheets.

Topper size choice

The Dacron Climarelle Suprelle Memory Fibre Mattress Comforter comes in standard sizes for Single, Double, King and Super King beds. If you are not sure which is the right size for your bed, our Size guide gives you all detailed measurements. Or just call us and we will be happy to discuss which is right for you.

Care instructions

Your Dacron Climarelle Suprelle Memory Fibre Mattress Comforter can be washed up to 60⁰. We also supply specially manufactured topper protectors which you can use with this topper, which are fully machine washable.


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