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The Hotel Luxury duvet represents the optimum feather duvet – instead of 85 or 90% feather as is normally used, this duvet contains 70% small grade feathers. Combined with highest quality 30% down it is a good option for those who prefer to feel some weight.


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Key Details:

  • Superior blend of 70% European Duck Feather 30% Duck Down.
  • Small grade feather and high loft down is used.
  • Duvet ideal for those who like a little extra weight.
  • 100% Cotton 243 Thread Count Casing.
  • Cassette Box Construction with Internal Baffle Walls.
  • Manufactured in Scotland.
  • Nomite and Downafresh Certified.
  • Guaranteed 5 Years.
  • Machine Wash Tumble Dry.


Hotel Luxury Duck Feather & Down Duvet

One of our most popular sellers, the mix of down and feather in this duvet keeps you lovely and cosy without weighing you down.

This duvet uses a wonderful blend of 30% high loft Pyrenean white duck down and 70% small feather – perfect if you like a fuller, heavier duvet. Many top hotels also appreciate this filling blend for their bedding as it delivers warm comfort without the weight normally associated with cheaper feather duvets.

Cosy filling blend

· Sourced from the slopes of the Pyrenees in France, this filling consists of a unique blend of 30% high loft duck down and 70% small duck feather. This is high quality feather and down so you can assured it will be long-lasting.

· This lovely down-and-feather combination makes for a full and cosy duvet. It has a fill power of 460, which is impressive for a feather and down duvet and gives it comparative lightness and volume.

· The cleaning process for the down and feathers in this duvet is amongst the most sophisticated in the world. You can be reassured that the duvet is manufactured in accordance with strict EU regulations, unlike cheaper imports, and the Downafresh label shows that it meets Hygiene Standard European EN12395 for the down-cleansing process.

Made with care

· The Hotel Luxury European Duck Feather & Down Duvet’s high quality materials and manufacturing make it a duvet which we believe is far superior to any others at a similar price level.

· The duvet’s outer casing is a high-quality 243 thread count 100% cotton down-proof cambric with a smartly finished piped edge.

· The soft filling is hand-filled into separate cassette box pockets within the duvet, so the filling stays in place. Unlike cheaper duvets which are stitched through from top to bottom, this duvet has internal baffle walls so the filling is not squashed and there are no cold spots.

· Our Hotel Luxury European Duck Feather & Down Duvet is made in Scotland by the leading UK manufacturer of down-filled duvets and pillows to some of the very best hotels worldwide. Manufactured to the highest standards, this duvet comes with a 5-year guarantee, although we anticipate it lasting many more years than that. You are also covered by our no quibble returns policy.


This duvet is certified anti-allergenic, as guaranteed by its Nomite label, as dust mites cannot penetrate the casing.

Partner duvets

If you and your partner have different favourite duvet weights, we can supply this duvet as a Partner duvet. This is when one half of the duvet is one tog rating and the other is another, for example 4.5 tog one side and 10.5 tog the other – so you can both sleep in perfect comfort and harmony. We can supply any tog combination you want. Just give us a call on 0800 121 4659 to discuss the options.

Duvet sizes

Our Hotel Luxury European White Duck Feather & Down Duvet is available in Single, Double, King, Super King or Emperor sizes. If you are unsure of the right size for you, take a look at the measurement in our Size guide or please call us for advice.

We are also happy to supply you with a non-standard size of duvet. Tell us the size measurements you want and we will sort it for you.

Your perfect tog rating

The right tog rating for you is a matter of individual choice, and we have plenty of options for you to choose from. In fact, this duvet is available in a remarkable 13 standard tog options: from light 2.5 tog up to super-cosy 15 tog and more.

We can also provide any bespoke tog option, so just let us know if you want a non-standard tog rating for your Hotel Luxury Duck Feather & Down Duvet.

As well as separate and Partner duvets, we also supply all-season combination duvets. These are made up of two duvets, one lighter and one heavier, that can be used on their own or fastened together to give you the perfect tog rating throughout the year. Again, we can supply any bespoke tog combination you want.

Washing instructions

Your duvet can be machine washed at 30⁰ C and tumble dried at a low temperature, but please do not dry clean it.


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