01st Jul 2020

You have just purchased our beautiful quality Egyptian cotton bedlinen and we would like to share some tips to help you keep it looking and feeling fabulous:

Washing your bedlinen

Always separate your Egyptian cotton bedlinen from other items to avoid damage to the delicate fibres from hooks and clasps, zips, buttons and tangling with other laundry.

With high-quality bedlinen bobbling is mainly due to other fibres attaching to the cotton.  Washing fine cottons and polyesters together can cause fibres from the polyester to ball up and attach to the cotton giving the appearance of pilling.

If you have particularly large bedlinen wash items individually to avoid overloading the machine.  This also allows the bedlinen to be properly rinsed.

Wash sheets on a short, cool, gentle wash cycle using a gentle detergent and a low spin speed.  Good quality pH balanced laundry detergents are available. You only need to use half the recommended amount of detergent when washing Egyptian cotton.  Avoid the use of brighteners or bleach as the chemicals in these can harm the fabric.

Drying outside is best, however if you do use a tumble dryer always use a low heat setting, and avoid the use of dryer sheets.

For a perfect finish, you will need to iron.  This is best done when the sheets are still slightly damp.  Choose a setting cooler than the cotton setting on your iron to prevent burning the natural fibres.

Care after washing

Now your bedlinen in nicely laundered and ready to use there are a couple more points to help care for it.

The fine fibres of Egyptian cotton can be damaged by abrasion from hard skin and stubble causing the fine cotton yarns to pull; and once again try to avoid bobbling from polyester by wearing natural fibre nightwear.

Taking care of your bedlinen will not only maintain its quality, it will also provide you with a luxurious and comfortable night’s sleep.