01st Jul 2020

Some like it hot – perhaps but not through the night…  Overheating causes severe disruption to sleep quality and is far more common a problem than many realise.

If your body overheats during sleep, it becomes naturally restless – limbs poke out from the duvet, which gets dragged and kicked all over the bed…

The result – less refreshing deep sleep and waking up as if we have just gone to bed!

Based on customer feedback over many years, we have identified five key areas to look out for which may be causing you to overheat.

Memory Foam Mattresses. Loved by many for comfort, memory foam is actually relatively solid (indeed the higher the density, the better it is deemed to be). The end result is there is nowhere for the warm air to escape as it builds between your body and the mattress. This can also be the case if you change to a very high-quality, deep mattress which may contain very high quality fillings. What starts out as a comfortable rest typically goes rapidly downhill one or two hours into the night. More on memory foam mattress solutions in next week’s blog – our preferred solution is the Outlast High Performance Mattress Protector which comes with a money back guarantee : https://theduvetstore.co.uk/products/outlast-high-performance-temperature-control-bedding-20-off/

Synthetic Fibre Duvets. Manufactured from polyester, in reality one could not choose a worse material to sleep under. Beware strong marketing presenting fibre duvets as breathable or suchlike – polyester will simply make you sweat… You may not be aware of the type of filling in your duvet, however, one the simplest solutions to restore a good night is to ensure you are sleeping under a natural filling – goose or duck down are ideal.

Room Temperature. As simple as it seems, keeping the bedroom a little cooler than the rest of the house will help ensure your body temperature does not rise too high as heat builds up in the space between yourself and the duvet. An open window, if possible, is an added bonus.

Wrong Tog Rating on your Duvet. Again, this may seem quite obvious. However, if the duvet is too warm, you simply must change it and drop down in terms of warmth. In this day and age, manufacturers can go as low as 2.5 tog to offer a high-quality, evenly-filled duvet. For our lightest warmth rating to counter stifling heat Dacron Coolmax is the tried and tested choice – https://theduvetstore.co.uk/products/coolmax-duvets/

Medical Conditions. It may be worth a quick chat with your GP if you notice a change in temperature throughout the night.

The Duvet Store will help you make the right choices for a perfect night’s sleep. The choices are plenty and tailored solutions are our hallmark to help achieve optimum temperature balance all night long…

For more advice on overheating or to discuss your bedding needs, call us for free on 0800 121 4659 or checkout our dedicated Product Pages – https://theduvetstore.co.uk/products/tag/cooling-temperature-control/