01st Jul 2020

Memory Foam Mattress Overheating – What are the Solutions?

You have shelled out a small fortune on that mattress that felt great in the shop… what the salesperson didn’t warn you about is the possibility you will overheat.

We hear this all too frequently – upon complaining the issue is recognised however no return or refund is possible!

Developed by NASA, memory foam or latex mattresses mould to your body form to offer a unique type of comfort… some people love them, others less so….

You love your new mattress – the heat generated between the body and the mattress builds through the night with no escape. Unbearably hot, the density of the foam means warmth does not dissipate in the same way you would find with a more traditional mattress.

Help is at hand however! Over the year we have helped thousands of customers address this problem using high tech bedding. Unlike the mattress suppliers, we offer a full money back guarantee if our products don’t help alleviate the nighttime torture!

The number one solution is the fantastic Outlast Mattress Protector – https://theduvetstore.co.uk/products/outlast-high-performance-temperature-control-bedding-20-off/

Even we don’t know the secret ingredient which ensures heat is absorbed and released as your body heats up and cools down.. suffice to say it works..

Cool to the initial touch, the material draws the warmth from your hand and feels normal. Remove your hand and the warmth is released returning the fabric to a cool condition. This will happen over your complete body all night long, reducing the fluctuations of heat and build up of warmth between you and your mattress!

The number two solution is a complete change of interface with the mattress using a 3 inch deep mattress topper (ideally natural Feather & Down such as our Pure Duck Down Combo topper – https://theduvetstore.co.uk/products/100-pure-duck-down-combination-mattress-topper/

The 3 inches (7.5cm) of filling essentially create enough of a barrier that you will no longer be in contact with the mattress and air is able to flow between yourself and the bed. The only downside is you will not mould as much into the mattress due to the absence of heat but hey – better this than the permanent disruption of overheating!